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I’d like to tell you that I was hired by this lovely couple from Holland, Christel and Robert, to be their destination wedding photographer. I’d like to tell you that they flew me all the way to Punta Cana and paid for my lodging at this beautiful resort, Gran Bahia Principe. The fact is I was there with my wife and kids on vacation and accidentally ran into this couple completely by chance.

While in Punta Cana, I woke up at sunrise every morning and took my camera and headed towards the beach in the hopes of catching some out of this world sun rise shots. Of course, if I saw someone on the beach at the same time, I would ask them if they would like to pose for me in front of this sunrise and so on. Well on one of those mornings as I had finished taking pictures on the beach and after walking for about an hour and almost loosing all feelings in my feet, I decided to head back to the room. On the way back I saw a couple dressed in complete wedding attire taking photos of one another on the beach with their point-and-shoot camera. I thought to myself that their wedding ceremony is probably about to start and they were there waiting for their photographer to arrive. I decided I would ask them to pose for me and then get going to the room.

It turns out that they were there on their honeymoon, and they had brought their wedding dress and suite in order to take some shots in front of the beach. I thought to myself, what are the chances of this happening? Of course they were very happy to go along with me and I ended up spending half an hour with them and I let them know that I will be blogging about this on my website and that they could see the photos there once they went back home. Here’s what Christel had to say once she saw her photos:

“As you said to us on the beach: the photos are really stunning WAUW!! Our honeymoon was great, but looking at those photos you made, makes me fall in love again and again. Beautiful! Really! Our family and friends were suprised when we showed them the photos. Most of them didn’t even now we took our wedding clothes on our honeymoon. Appreciating is still a small word. So once more: Thank you very much!”

I just love what I do! 🙂

Here are some of the photos I took of this beautiful couple:

Hello everyone! As some of you already know, I’ve just returned from spending an amazing time at this 4 and half beach resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Gran Bahia Principe.

Aside from all the great weather and the fun times spent with my wife and kids, I took advantage of being there to capture some destination style photography. I think I went totally nuts with my camera as you can see and I now need a little vacation from my vacation.

I did what I love doing the most which is photographing people in love, except this time it wasn’t at the streets of Montreal, it was at the beach, baby!

Every day I went out for a couple of hours at dawn and right before sunset walking back and forth on this most amazing white fine sandy beach, asking cute couples to pose for me. Mostly I got “no-thank-you” and some “are-you-crazy” responses, but a few couples and some singles who could tell how passionate I am about photography agreed to let me take their photos which I am glad to be able to share with you here.

Check out  these shots and take a few seconds to let me know what you think in the comments please:

This couple is from Argentine

From Germany

Mirna from Montreal, Canada

Chris and Eduardo from Italy. Scroll down to see this sexy couple's photo session which I shot at sunrise a few days later.

Vicky and Mark are From England. Something about them walking on the beach wearing those cool hats caught my attention.

He is from Liverpool and she is from Scottland

One of the people responsible for keeping the beach tiedy.

This here is Megan and, hmmm, what was her name... Katie. 🙂 From the US of A.

I saw Kris and Eduardo on the beach each morning at sunrise and I offered to do a romantic session with them before I left. I am very happy with how their photos turned out.

And finally, this beautiful couple from Montreal Canada, Jimmy and Slavia, who I bumped into on several occasions on the beach. Two words can best describe this couple; SEXY and FUN.

  • Jerry - OMG OMG OMG!!! Fantastic, fantastic, FANTASTIC!!!

    Sorry, I have to say it 3 times over, because each one is just STUNNING… to say it was an incredible set would be not enough!

    Ned, you *are* the man!!!July 6, 2010 – 12:13 PM

  • Omar - Lovely photos Ned! I wish we “bumped into each other” at our Honeymoon in Hawaii! lol…
    Did you bring your lighting gear with you, and who was your assistant during your vacation?!
    By the way, this is my first comment on your blog, but I just want to tell you I am an avid follower of your blog!July 6, 2010 – 10:24 PM

  • Doug - Great stuff, Ned! Absolutely beautiful photos in a beautiful location. It was good to meet you on the beach, and I hope that Italian couple find your photos and fantastic as I do.July 7, 2010 – 10:10 AM

  • Landsy - Sorry Ned…but what can’t you do with your camera? All the picture you are taking are alive!! You are a unique photographer!

    Keep it up!! You are the best!!July 9, 2010 – 11:22 AM

  • Sam - Ned these are ace, you are bold going to strangers asking for pictures, they will be happy, top work!July 12, 2010 – 5:34 PM

  • Frances - wow I haven’t seen this photographic style before…it’s quite refreshing! Awesome work!July 18, 2010 – 1:28 PM

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