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Valerie and Charles’ wedding took place at the beautiful Le Grand Lodge hotel in Mont-Tremblant. It all started the night before the wedding with a midnight lighting-of-the-fire ceremony by the water side next to the the hotel where the wedding was to take place. They were accompanied by their friends and families who traveled from all over Quebec to be with them while they tied the knot. Here are some of my favorite photos from their special wedding:

This shot was taken right around midnight.

Groom and his men

Wedding dress

Bride getting ready in the morningWedding bouquetBrideBride coming out of the hotel on the way to the churchBride and groom at the churchBride and groom kissing at the churchCouple kissing on the stairs of the churchGroom kissing the bride at a barBride and groom with a helicopter

  • Kelvin - WOW, truly amazing photography, they really look impressive and stunning, thanks for sharing your photography work…..
    Montreal Wedding photographersOctober 1, 2011 – 8:12 AM

The trash the dress session is becoming one of the hottest most sought after sessions I offer. I try to keep these sessions fresh, romantic and as some brides have described them, epic. Still some bride’s have yet to here about them and I often get a negative reaction when I first describe that session to them. Some brides will immediately tell me that there’s no way they will trash the dress and, of course, I totally understand that first reaction. However, I always ask them what they are planning to do with their dress after the wedding? Ninety nine point nine percent of those brides don’t really have a good answer. They say that they haven’t really though about it, or that they will probably put it in a closet and forget about it. What most bride’s don’t really know is that in order to properly store your wedding dress, you will need to have it professionally dry-cleaned and prepared for long term storage.

Most brides don’t know that proteins excreted when we sweat along with other substances such as champagne, wine, beer, Vodka shots and even chocolate from the chocolate fountain at the dessert table, will accelerate the disintegration of the dress while it hangs in your closet. The dress will also discolor over time and wind up unusable in the long term if not properly cleaned.

Another thing most brides don’t know is that from the point they walk out of their parents’ house till they toss the bouquet, the dress has gone through a great deal of wear and tear. It is almost halfway trashed anyway. You should see what those dresses look like at the end of the night.

So I always say, if you’re going to hold on to the dress, and you will have them professionally cleaned anyway, why not get a little more mileage out of them by wearing them one more time for the trash the dress session. After all, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on them to wear them only once. Besides, despite of what the name of the photo session implies, the dress does not have to be trashed or even thrashed. Just dirtied a little more during the two hour shoot.

I should also mention that the weather does not always cooperate and you may not get to go to your favorite outdoors spot on your wedding day. So why not take advantage of a beautiful day that you get to choose soon after your wedding when the weather is perfect.

The resulting photos from those sessions are always breathtaking, and some brides will go as far as choose only the photos from this session to use in their wedding albums. Here are some photos from the last trash the dress session I did with Carla and Davide at a local beach in Montreal. I hope you enjoy it and I will love it if you shared your thoughts on the session in the comments below. Thanks and enjoy:

Bride and groom kissing on the beachBride and groom kissing on the beach

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of photographing a wedding day is the party at the reception hall. It’s hard enough to shoot in very low lighting, but to be able to capture the fun requires impeccable timing on the part of the photographer and technical know-how that comes from shooting for many years in these conditions. The photographer has to be able to blend in with the crowd so he/she does not intimidate the people, but he/she also need to be able to catch the right shot at the right time from the right angle and with the right light. That leaves a lot of room for missing the shot all together. Well, for me this part of the day is the most fun and I take the challenge head on and hopefully you will agree that I manage to capture the mood and energy of the party.

Of course, it helps to have a fun crowd who’s willing to let go and have a blast. Add to that a DJ who can rock the house like Andrea Guido from DJ Universal Entertainment, and you have yourself a recipe for a hick of a good time! Check out some of those shots from Kim and Giorgio’s wedding this last weekend:

flower girl jumpingRing barer jumping at the reception hall. Bride and groom kissingBride partying at Le Crystal reception hall.DJ putting on a good show.Guests partying at the resption hall.

When I first met Venesa and Matthew, I could tell that their wedding was going to be a lot of fun to photograph. Compared to Venesa, Matthew comes across as the quite type, while Venesa is one those people who carry their heart on their sleeves- which is like amazing to a photographer like me. They and their wedding party were really easy going and we were joking around and laughing the whole day. This wedding was so much fun I didn’t realize that 16 hours had gone by when I was done. Again as a photographer it was like I was a kid in candy store.:)

Santo Ficara along with Tony Viscusi (DJ) from Ti-Amo Productions Entertainment were the hired entertainment and I must say, they are one of the best entertainers i’ve had the pleasure to work with. They really know how to keep the party going strong all through the night. They are as professional as they come, which is why if you’re still looking for an entertainer, you should check these guys out for sure.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Saint Vincent Ferrier church, and the reception was held at Le Rizz in Saint-Leonard.
Make sure you click on HD to watch this slideshow in high definition.


Or scroll down and enjoy the photos:

Italian groom getting ready in the morningItalian groom and groomItalian bride getting ready in the morning before heading out to the churchMaid of honorbride with her bridebride and groom holding handsBride and groom first kissguest greeting the brideBride and groom at the Old PortBride and groom kissing by their limousineBride and groomBride dancingBride

  • Venesa - You are a photo genius!!!!! I love every single photo!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing every moment from our wedding. The pictures are so incredible that i can relive every single moment from each shot!! You have given us a beautiful way to hold on to our memories of that special day.October 20, 2011 – 3:50 PM

I’ve been doing wedding photography for many years now. During this time I’ve heard a lot of speeches read by brides and grooms and their families and friends, and some of them were quite good. In fact I have to admit that I am a speech junky. I actually look forward to the speeches and I find that they reveal a lot about the personalities of the couple, their families and so on.

Of course my job as a photographer is to capture the speeches in an interesting way and hopefully capture the emotions felt by the person giving the speech or the one the speech is being given to. Every once in a while, and I assure you this doesn’t happen very often, I find myself caught in the moment and totally motionless, just mesmerized by the spoken words. When Roxanne and Kally started exchanging their vows, I must say I had one of those moments. I mean there was no one telling the couple what to say to one another and there was no previously prepared speech on a piece of paper. Nope, it was all from the heart. Both of them proceeded to speak to one another completely and utterly in love. I wish I could repeat the words, what they said was so eloquent and so beautiful it brought me close to tears. I know for a fact my assistant was weeping a little.  🙂

Don’t get me wrong, this was no boring slow-paced wedding either. As a matter of fact I hardly noticed the time go by when I found out that I was there 18 hours. That’s very close to my record time of 19 hours spent photographing a wedding and I didn’t even fell it. Oh and did I mention that this was my first Congolese wedding too.

Here are some shots from this beautiful and fun filled wedding:

Groom gettiong ready.GroomWedding dressBride and her brideflower girls in the limousine.Congolese bride and groomBride and groom posing with their family in the park.Bride and groomBride and groom kissing at their hall

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