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Beautifoto wins ISPWP Spring 2012 Photo Awards

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is an organization of the best wedding photographers in the world. As a member I try to enter in their quarterly contests and I am happy to announce that I won 1st place in the spring 2012 contest in the “Kids Will Be Kids” category. I am also ecstatic to have placed 13th and 15th place in the “Engagement Portrait” category. It is an honor to be recognized in such a prestigious contest.

Here are the winning images:

 First place in the “Kids will be Kids” CategoryKids jumping with joy at the Crown Plaza reception hall.

13th place in the “engagement portrait” category

The groom dips his bride in a passionate kiss in the street of Montreal

15th place in the “engagement portrait” category

The bride and groom kissing at the old port during their engagement photo session.


P h o t o   P a c k a g e s
V i d e o   P a c k a g e s
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