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Manny’s #TheBigFiveOhh birthday party at Plaza Volare

If you know Manny Sgourakis, of Luluthia Design, like many of his close friends and clients, you’ll know how crazy fun his parties are, and I’d like to tell you that last thursday’s party did not disappoint. Afterall, this was #TheBigFiveOhh, and nothing short of amazing was going to do.

The event took place at one of my favorite venues, Plaza Volare located at the Crowne Plaza in Ville Saint Laurent. M.C.’d by Pascal Spencieri of, who brought down the house that night or I should say the party tent. 🙂
The birthday cake and dessert was provided in style by the sweet people from Patesserie Montebello. Other vendors such as,, helped make this black and white themed party a big success. Ameer Alba was also there to capture this party on video.

I could go on about how much fun the party was, but I’ll let the photos do the talking instead. Enjoy!

P h o t o   P a c k a g e s
V i d e o   P a c k a g e s
R e v i e w s