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Alice in Wonderland Photo Shoot with Bombance!

If you’ve already subscribed to my facebook page, then you’ve probably seen quite a few shots from this insane photo shoot with Audray Blais, the art director at Bombance Event Planning.

Audray Blais is not new to the event planning scene, but since she started her new company, Bombance Event Planning, she wanted to showcase all that she has to offer in the world of exotic event planning. She put together all the elements that go in creating one of her creative events, including decor and furniture, catering, models and performance artists, gowns, makeup artists and hair stylists and on and on. Simply put, there’s nothing that Audray can’t achieve and her attention to detail is superb. Best of all, she is a lot of fun to work with and goes out of her way to please.

When she approached me to photograph this event I knew she was up to something out of this world. I could tell also that we shared the same artistic vision and that it was going to be fun. What I didn’t anticipate is that it was going to turn out to be one of the most amazing shoots ever, and I am very proud to share some of my favorite photos here with you:

Panoramic shot of all the models on the Alice in Wonderland photo shoot

Audray Blais from Bombance Event Planning

Kim Tuyen Pho from The La Dress Gown Rentals

Alice in wonderland photo shoot at Entrepôts Dominion with Bombance EventsAlice in wonderland photo shoot at Entrepôts Dominion with Bombance Eventsmodel photo shoot with Beautifoto shot at Entrepôts DominionWedding cake with bowsAlice in wonderland photo shoot at Entrepôts Dominion


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