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Sara and Stavros

This last Saturday the entire Beautifoto team (photo and video) got together in order to cover this lovely couple’s wedding. And what a fun filled day it was. In fact as you will see in the photos below, there were a lot of emotions at this rather large wedding, but fun was definitely the dominant emotion felt by all including all of us at Beautifoto.

The wedding took place at the groom’s parent’s house which was converted into a large reception space to host the almost 300 guests under a tent. They called for showers all day, but luckily for the couple the weather could not have been better and not a drop of rain, although my assistant swears he felt one drop. 🙂

The couple comes from different backgrounds – Sara’s heritage is Scottish and Stavros is both Greek and English. So as one might imagine, there were a lot of nationalities represented at this event, and some people even literally flew from all over the world to attend the wedding.

I should mention that for the first time we debuted a slide show, projected large for all the guests to see, of my favorite shots from the day. I played it during one of the few quite moments of the night, and let me tell you there weren’t many of those moments. Needless to say the projected slideshow was a huge hit and I definitely plan to add this as a permanent feature to be include in future events.

Sara and Stavros, all of us here at Beautifoto wish you a long and happy life together. The following are a “few” teaser shots from your wedding day. Enjoy!

  • Lisa - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures Ned! You are incredible!!June 16, 2010 – 7:09 PM

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