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Montreal fashion photo shoot – Old Port

Once again I teamed up with the creative genius behind Bombance events planning; Audray Blais whose ability to put the right people together is quite uncanny. The team consisted of Virginie Paré for make up and hair styling, Emilie Bibaud of CHIC BIBI who provided head wear and dresses, Kim Tuyen Pho of The le Dress who also provided some of the vintage dresses, and of course the fabulous models: Krystal, Mim Côté & Roody Renelus. We shot on location at different locations around the Old Port including one of Montreal’s best bistros, Vallier Bistro et Comptoir.

Here are the photos from this awesome photo session:

Fashion photo shoot in MontrealMontreal Fashion photographyModel photographyfashion photo shoot with a male model and a female model.Two girls models dance in the street at MontrealA couple embrase at Vallier Bistro in the Old Port


P h o t o   P a c k a g e s
V i d e o   P a c k a g e s
R e v i e w s