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Bridal Party Running Away from the Bridezilla Shot

First there was the bridal party running away from the T-Rex shot, then there was the shot with the bridal party running away from the Imperial AT-AT Walkers, and now this:

Bridal party running away from the bride

When Veronica and Matthew asked me to do this shot for them, I got really excited because I am always open for a challenge and this was something I thought I might be able to deliver.

I had done the famous bridezilla shot where you see the high heals about to step on the bridal party, but I hadn’t done a shot like this before. I really didn’t want to repeat what the other photographers had done, so we all agreed we’d try to use the bride instead of the T-Rex. I could see the image in my head, but to get all the shots just right with the right perspective on the group running and then on the bride was probably the biggest challenge. Not to mention working with an already super tight wedding day schedule! 🙂

Long story shot, the bridal party gave their best Oscar winning performance which really sold the shot. And how cute is Veronica pretending to be a bridezilla? I am so happy everything turned out just right and the shot is this successful. Thank you to the entire bridal party, and I really hope this fun couple got the shot they hoped to get. We’ll find out when they return from their honeymoon I suppose. 🙂

Let us know how you feel about this shot in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Matthew - Really satisfied with this shot Ned! A very unique way to remember our special day. Very rarely does something come out as perfect as we see it in or head, kudos to you! We are very pleased with the hard work you put in and the results are definitely paying off!July 10, 2013 – 2:14 PM

  • Isabella - Such an amazing shot ! I would’ve never thought that two pictures could be put into one so perfectly; it’s really believable. Such a talented photographer, and pleasant to work with if I may add!

    -Isabella (brother of the groom, aka one of the bridesmaids)July 17, 2013 – 11:19 PM

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