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Grey’s Anatomy-inspired engagement photo shoot at the Montreal Neurology Hospital

When I found out that both Lisa and Sonny work in the medicine field, I suggested we do their engagement session at their place of work. That place turned out to be the Montreal Neurology Hospital right accross from the Royal Victoria hospital at the top of Mont Royal downtown Montreal. Grey’s anatomy is the first thing that came to mind, so I took to the internet researching photo sessions done with that theme in mind. I was surprised to find that other than Grey’s Anatomy, there was hardly any good reference material. Not to mention that most of the photos online from the famous TV show, are mostly portrait of the entire TV team and don’t really have much of the romance flavor I was hoping to find. So, I decided to play it by ear and focus instead on capturing the couple using the hospital as the backdrop of their love story. The Hospital, after all, is where the couple first met.

Te shoot took place in April and since this is Montreal, there was still some snow on the ground which made for some interesting photos with the couple.

Overall, I am very happy with how the shoot went and how the photos turned out to be. Here are a few of those shots. Please tell me what you think about those shots in the comments below. Enjoy!

Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3790heat in the locker roomBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3828Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3853Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3871Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3877Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3881the couple holding handsthe couple kissingthe couple kissingBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3966Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_3975Kissing behind the curtainsBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4040Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4054Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4064A kiss on the streetkissing silhouette with a bikeBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4101Artistic shot by BeautifotoBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4138Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4142Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4148-3a passionate kissBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4152Engagement photo session downtown montrealBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4176Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4181Beautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4183Kissing downtownBeautifoto-Montreal-Wedding-photographer_4210

  • Max Monty - Wow! amazing photos… Specially that one with the purple light. Perfect frame!August 30, 2014 – 11:37 AM

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